BluLyte Surface Disinfectant

BluLyte Surface Disinfectant kills 99.99% of germs while being totally safe to use around food, humans, plants and the earth. BluLyte HOCl Surface Disinfectant is used on all types of surfaces in many different environments including:

  •  Home and Residential
  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Restaurants and Recreational facilities
  • Athletic and Sporting facilities
  • Hospital and Medical facilities
  • Schools and Child care facilities
  • Agricultural and Horticultural environments

Everyday Hand Sanitiser

BluLyte Everyday Hand Sanitiser is 100% safe and all natural while being 5 x more oxidative that your traditional alcohol based sanitisers. Our HOCl formula not only kills all germs on contact but cleanses, heals and rejuvenates your skin leaving you feel refreshed. BluLyte Hand Sanitiser has many benefits including:

  • Alcohol free
  • Cleanses and repairs skin
  • safe to use around eyes, ears, mouth and nose
  • No toxic chemicals
  • No Fragrances or Dyes
  • Food and Plant safe
  • Baby and children friendly

VetMedX Animal Heath

South Africa’s leading at-home animal healthcare products that are safe to use on all animals. VetMedX is free of all harmful impurities, safe for all animals and is veterinary recommended.

    • pH Skin Neutral
    • Steroids and Antibiotics free
    • Alcohol free
    • Non-irritating
    • Safe if ingested
    • Non-caustic
    • Safe for ears, eyes, mouth and nose
    • Non cytotoxic
    • Safe for all animals at all stages of life
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