Leading the way in Pure Hypochlorous Technology Formulations

BluLyte HOCl technology leverages proprietary processes and methods to produce the ultimate pure HOCl formulation solution.


100% Safe for all animals, humans, plants and the environment.

100% Natural

Derived from our human body, this super oxidant is 100% natural.

80 X more Strength

80 to 100 times more efficacious than traditional disinfectants such as bleach.

All Natural Ultra Pure New Generation

Our white blood cells are responsible for mobilising the natural hypochlorous acid (HOCl) to destroy invading pathogens within our body. Hypochlorous acid is our body’s primary defence against harmful bacteria and viruses. BluLyte uses the same natural anti-microbial acids (HOCl) found in the human immune system to fight foreign bacteria and viruses such as the corona virus (SARS-COV-2). Our society is facing challenging times with anti-biotic resis- tance, viral mutations, viral outbreaks and harmful bacteria becoming part of our daily lives. Human, Animal and Earth friendly ways of living have never been so important.

Bringing Real Change to our people

BluLyte take pride in producing genuinely pure and stabilised HOCl products. We use a proprietary electrolytic cell to ensure a pH neutral super oxidant is produced. It has a similar profile to saline, it is non-irritating to skin, eyes and mouth, it leaves no chemical residue, alcohol free, bleach free and is free from all harmful agents and impurities. HOCl was practically and efficiently used for irrigating wounds on soldiers during the First World War in 1914.Unlike other antiseptics and disinfectants, pathogens cannot build resistance or tolerance therefore removing any chance of future resistance or super bugs from occurring.