Applications and Industry of Use

BluLyte is on a mission to make the world a safe place for all our people, animals, plants and environment. We are achieving that one industry at a time with revolutionary and innovative range of products each designer for its own unique purpose. See below some of the industries BluLyte HOCl is being actively and successfully used in.

Medical & Healthcare

BluLyte has been scientifically tested to ensure every drop of HOCl is of the highest purity. We provide Pure HOCl to hospitals, nursing homes, dental facilities, private doctor practices, retirement centres and other medical facilities.
Use cases include:

  • Wound and Skin care application
  • High level medical grade disinfectant
  • Skin disorder treatment
  • Eye, Ear and Nose treatment

Agriculture & Horticulture

BluLyte HOCl is being used in the agriculture, farming and horticulture industry to increase yields, better the day to day care of animals and livestock as well as maintain animal, plant and crops health. Horticulture uses include Sterilising of seeds, soil and seedlings. Bacteria and Fungus control for pre and post-harvest. It’s being actively used in greenhouses, CIP systems, field and crop pollination and many more.

Education, Schools and Childcare

BluLyte HOCl is being used in baby centres, schools, universities and other educational facilities due to its safety for humans and babies. Also being used in retirement homes, public transport stations, trains, busses, airlines, vehicles, sports facilities, spas, salons, health clubs, public bathrooms and more.

Recreation, Fitness and Parks

BluLyte is being actively used for fitness centres, cruise ships, cinemas, stadiums, theme parks, commercial laundry, night clubs, hotels and more. It replaces nearly all chemicals that have been typically used in these environments.

Food Industry

BluLyte HOCl is being extensively used in the F&B industry for food surface sterilising, treatment of bio-film contamination, direct food spraying and sterilising to remove pesticides and unwanted bacteria, increase shelf life of food by direct spray, ice making, equipment sanitising, food surface disinfecting, CIP Systems and more.

Industrial & Commercial

Industrial and Commercial businesses need to ensure the health and safety of their employees and customers. Therefore BluLyte have formulated a range of disinfectants and sanitisers that has achieved scientifically proven results to ensure your work place is a safe environment.


Our cosmetic line includes highly purified HOCl for skin treatment and rejuvenation.  We provide a cleanser that should be used daily to see optimum results. Designed to repair, enhance and allow your skin to look radiant and healthy.


BluLyte provide ultra pure HOCl formulations for the Vet Industry. Products include wound and skin care, coat and fur treatment, eye and ear drops. Also highly effective treatment for sheep, horses, dogs, cats, reptiles, cows and more.